Professor Must Be Crazy


Sometimes we often suspect Professor was just busy thinking about Project it makes. However, this time is different, this is the story of the famous University of Mining Students, the first Professor Jainuddin’s Victim ingenuity. during lesson hours, the Professor wants to prove that the urine that was issued by the Diabetes disease was indeed sweet. So that, on one occasion, he invited His disciples to go to the Laboratory, “my beloved disciple, Let us now go now to prove whether the Urine of Diabetic Sweet or Not.” She said. “Well, sir”. they shouted in agreement.

Then, they went to the lab to take the Diabetes urine samples. “My pupil, this urine sample which we will test. Before this trial started, I just want to ask, Is there any of you who would like to be a volunteer for the urine sample whether sweet or not?” He asked seriously. Students who were there the whole was throwing words, there are going to be sick, disgusted, and so forth. Seeing the condition, Professor directly refute, “Well if any of you who do not want to taste it, then let me taste it first.” Said Professor smiled.

Professor finally dipping his hand into a container of urine disease had diabetes, Having taken his urine, then Professor lick. The students also want to throw up just because of the antics of Professor earlier. “Not Bad, It’s sweet, like water with a half teaspoon of sugar.” He said, laughing. The Curious many students, one student said, “Sir may we taste it?” Asked the student. “Certainly. Is granted,” replied the Professor. Students were immediately sampled the urine, Immediately he shouted “Totally unexpected, sweet.” The other students were flocking, taste it. “Not bad bad, too.” Answer them one by one

. Finally after talking for 10 minutes, they decided to bring the sample into a workshop event involving another student to attend the University. Then they return home each simultaneously.

The day finally arrived determined. Workshop begins. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the latest innovations as well as the latest findings stating that the Water urine excreted by the Diabetes People SWEET. Besides sweet, Urine also contains no chemicals that are not harmful, so it can be used as a sweetener, but processed first. ” Said Professor Jainuddin confident. He also showed the samples to the Front of the people who come in that place. “To prove it, just go ahead, anyone want to try?” Said the Professor. Many of the attendees that the ambiguity of the question, finally they obeyed the words of the Professor said.

They tasted it, not long after, many of the other students who tasted it agreed with the Professor. “This is sweet,” said the student. “Why do not we just ask this as the latest discovery in this year?” Ask them “No problem” said the Professor. The sample was finally presented as the latest discovery in Unversitas it. The students who attended a workshop that was finally home with great results. they have found a work that is so useful.

Until one day, it was Professor reassemble his students were invited to the lab at that time to discuss something. “O My pupil, I just wanted to ask it? Whether the urine that you taste sweet?” He asked “Dear Professor, if the Professor himself said it was sweet, as did we, it feels so sweet urine.” Replied one student. They agree with the opinion of the students. Professor laughed uproariously. Students began to confusion, “Why Professor laugh? Something wrong?” Asked one student. “Hahahahahaha, sorry my students, in fact you have been duped by keusilanku. Urine I had not even tasted it at all, I just had to replace my finger with which I dipped a finger that is not subject to urine, then kujilati the finger.” Students were stunned. Professor with a laugh that was added, “Yeah, but it does not matter, thanks to you all, we became famous University, and the urine will be realized as the latest discoveries of the year.” Students are increasingly dumbfounded ….


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