When I meet you….


By : Virgian

When I meet you, yaph, that is one of the most incredible thing in my life, it’s not about how the way we meet, but It’s about the feeling when we meet. I feel that there are many differences between when I meet my family, and meet with you, yah, god will know why is this happen..
Actually, it was just some of my jokes, but eventually, this feeling comes to you. When it was night, I was standing in front of class, I saw many people ahead, but there was a girl that makes me so curious, “God, how beautiful she is! I can’t concentrate to my activity. Who is she? “ asked me in my heart. She has long-brown hair with small-brown eyes. When she walked through me, her smile makes me melted in a second. I just stood with many curious things in my head. I have plan to asked somebody about who is she.
When I asked everybody, no one of them knew about who is she, “ oh the girl with curly-black hair? She is my girl friend, why? Any problem with her? “ that was an answer from 1 person to me, I confused, “ no I mean, the girl with long-brown hair who is standing with your girl, who is she, anyway?” I repeated my question. “Are you nuts? He is a boy, where is your eyes, gay? “ he said. I shocked, so strange, when I asked to somebody, they were always said that “are you such a crazy person?”
I thought that it was useless to ask somebody else. Then, I took some action to meet her.
One night, I saw her in front of College, “Damn, what is she doing here? Doesn’t she know that it’s danger to be here?” What I was felt to her eventually came, there were 2 persons drove their bike so fast, “Be careful girl! “ I shouted to her. I closed my eyes, “ ha? What happen with her? Where is she? Stranger, where are you? I looked for her everywhere, but there was no her. I really confused, so confused.
“What should I do now? I am alone here, I am feeling stupid.” Not more than 5 minutes, I saw her in front of my house, “Wait girl, please wait” I strived to reach her. Then, we faced each other. “ Who are you? “ I said. She just kept silent. “Stranger, who are you? Why are you just silent? “ I repeated my question. It was same, she just silent. Spontaneously, I held her hands, when I reached her hands, suddenly, she lost. “What the… ? why is she lost? What happened? “ I was totally confused. Then, she showed her ugliest face behind me, “ AAAGGGGHHHHHHHTTTTT!” oh my god, she is ghost. I woke up from my nightmare, “ Oh god, it was just a dream, bad dream! “ …….
The End.


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