The Fadhilah of saying, “Basmalah”


By : Virgian

Once upon a time, there was a poor woman with her boy named Kabil, he loved her mother so much, but there was one thing that make them were not to close each other, that was their beliefs. His mother, Ainun was moslem, while her son was Christian, it happened because before he born, his father, jack amuny, was Christian. When he met ainun, they got married and jack changed his belief became moslem. But the consequence was when their son born, he shall become Christian.

The difference was brightly could see when his mother would to do something. Before do something, she always red “Basmalah” for asking protect from Allah SWT. While her boy always confused what she has said in front of him in one day, then he said, “What did you say just now, mom?”. He asked. “Oh, that was a prayers for my god, son” She said smoothly. He started confuse, “Why did you just do it without saying it , mom? It makes me so disturbed.” He got angry with her. “ I’m Sorry my Boy, “Lakum Dii Nukum Waliyadiinn” That’s my own way to get close with Allah SWT, the only one who can Ijabah our prayers. “ She said and smiled to him.

One day, he got an idea to check whether saying “basmalah” could get “Fadhilah” or not. He gaves some money to her while saying, “ Mom, I have some money to be kept by you, so would you like to keep it for me?” He asked. “ Surely you can, here the money..” Then she went to bedroom and put it under the bed while saying, “ Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim..”. He saw his mother kept it under the bed, so while his mother went somewhere, he took that money and threw it inside the soil that has been dig by him. He said, “ Feel that mom. Let’s check whether your statement is true or not.. “ He laughed at the moment.

Two weeks later, he came to mom and asked some money which saved by his mother. And then, when she would to check under the bed, she said, “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..” And, God, the money was there. It makes him so shocked, then he explained what was happened to him till he got shocked by that event. Finally, he got “Ilham” from god to changed his belief into Moslem.

The End…


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