Well, My Name Is Virgian Rizky Alghazali. Mostly, Friends would like call me as Virgian. I was Born 16 years ago in Palembang. Now On, I Study in SMAN Sumatera Selatan, which is the one of the best school in south sumatera. My Hobbies are Playing Football, Basketball, Everything about Sports. I Really Love Comics and Novels, so when you think you are getting bored on reading novel, Don’t Worry, I’ll Help you. I’ve Made this Blog so we can share what we want to share, EVERYTHING!!!. So Enjoy it everyone….

Full Name : Virgian Rizky Alghazali
Nickname : Virgian
Date Of Birth : Palembang, 16 Years Ago
School : SMAN Sumatera Selatan
Class : XI. Social
Hobbies : Interested In Sports, Listening Music.
Quote : You Don’t Write Because You Want To Say Something, And You Write Because You’ve Got Something To Say..


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